Sunday, May 2, 2010

Save Saturday Service - Update

Thanks in part to Rachel's plug of my mail project, I've had quite a few volunteer recipients. Initially, only existing friends asked for letters, but now the number of strangers (or potential friends, if you will) has surpassed the number of participants I know personally. Additionally, I have now sent to four states (including California) and two (soon to be three when I write my next letter) countries other than the United States, and I've received responses from three of the letters I've written.

Since my original post, I have also been pleased to discover that I'm not the only one doing this sort of thing, and a great number of bloggers have hosted mail swaps, or offered to send postcards or letters, or posted entries about the joy of receiving mail the old fashioned way. And Annie at Snail Mail Lover has a whole blog dedicated to all things related to letter writing.

I'm having a wonderful time writing the letters and plan to continue the project as long as people are interested. So if you want me to send you something by post just send your address (formatted according to your country's guidelines) to

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  1. Hello, I am Lady. I was giving your name today. Hope to talk with you soon.