Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hair Part II

I almost forgot to share this!

When I was doing research about donating my hair, I learned about Matter of Trust, a non-profit that seems to do a variety of things, including collecting hair clippings from salons and pet groomers to create mats to clean up oil spills.

I thought it was pretty cool and decided to bring it up to my stylist next time I went in for a trim. Then last month as I was reading about the BP oil spill, and decided not to wait. So I composed an email to my salon, telling them about the program. I received a response the same day, thanking me for my input and stating they would be starting donations the following week! I think the salon owners may already have known about the organization, and to be honest I'm not sure which makes me more happy, the idea that I may have helped or the idea that my salon is just that awesome.


  1. that's pretty awesome!!!! i dont have a hair salon yet :( still looking and searching but great cause!!


  2. That is great. It's really wonderful that you took the time to tell them what is important to you (and the environment)! I got my hair cut in the past month and the salon to ME about it actually. They had a little poster that I read during my visit. Thanks, I'll share this on my blog as well!