Sunday, March 21, 2010

Orange County Adventure

Today I hung out with my friends Justin and Chris. They picked me up in the afternoon and I said, "Where are we going?" And they said, "We don't know." And then suddenly, we were on the road driving to Orange County. The drive was long-ish but the music and company were good.

We went to a Fry's so Justin could look at music and Chris could look at video games and Chris warned me that I was about to enter the tackiest Fry's ever. I thought he meant that it was dirty and filled with people you'd expect to see at Wal-Mart, but what he actually meant was that the place is looked like a cheap, Roman-themed movie set. There were fake statues and columns everywhere, it was seriously odd.

Next we went to a Guitar World, where I had the odd pleasure of taking my GoGirl on its virgin voyage. The bathroom was so gross I decided to use the "feminine urination device" that I received in my stocking at Christmas to avoid contact with the toilet seat. It's seriously awesome and it makes me want to write my name in snow.

Then at Second Spin I purchased three used CDs at very reasonable prices. I'm finally checking out The Dresden Dolls and I also found an Okkervil River album. Yay, new music!

We concluded our field trip with dinner at Mi Casa, where the cheese comes with a side of taco, beans, and rice.

I had a super fun day and now I'm home snuggling with the cat. My life is pretty good.

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