Monday, April 26, 2010

This is not a grilled cheese sandwich!

Okay Carl's Jr, I am really sick of your advertising. First, it was the slogan, "If it doesn't get all over the place, it doesn't belong in your face," which you weirdly juxtaposed with busty models eating your sloppy sandwiches (Weird because if the viewer applies the same slogan to the model instead of the burger it's be just . . . gross). Next, you moved away from the objectification of women and instead lampooned men, all of whom are apparently too stupid to prepare any sort of meal for themselves.  This is actually rampant in advertising; it's not okay to make fun of women, but it's okay to make men seem too dumb to tie their shoes, let alone operate a blender. Then you bragged about your obscene portion sizes, perhaps to compensate for your prices, because I'm guessing your Six Dollar Burger actually is around six dollars. Now, you have resorted to making shit up. In the commercial below, you are calling a bacon cheeseburger a grilled cheese sandwich.

If the dude in the commercial wanted a bacon cheeseburger, he would have ordered one. But he wanted a grilled cheese sandwich. Which is why he didn't order a burger like the rest of his friends. I will consent that if you add tomato, or maybe even bacon, to a grilled cheese sandwich, it's probably okay to call it a grilled cheese. But when you add a hamburger patty you move very clearly into the "burger" category and no amount of advertising or delusion will change that. So cut it out.


  1. I belive this is an attempt at Irony on the part of carl's jr. What bugs me about them is the name. What does that mean? Carl's Jr? junior what?

  2. I don't give them that much credit. But their name is weird. It seems like it should be Carl Jr's. Like Carl Jr started the business, so it's his place.

  3. Okay, I have been educated. Apparently the founder had a restaurant called Carl's Drive-In Barbecue and then he opened two smaller establishments, calling them Carl's Jr because of their size.