Saturday, April 3, 2010

Library Fashion

You know how sometimes when your attention is called to something you start noticing references to that something everywhere? Like someone tells you about a band and then you notice it featured on NPR or something? Well, I recently started following The Indie Handmade Show and stumbled upon an older entry featuring a polyvore look called "I love my books."  This was interesting for two reasons.

First, Matt recently told me about polyvore, which is an art/fashion site where you use images to create different looks. I toyed around with it for a bit when he mentioned it to me a couple of weeks ago, but I wasn't immediately captivated by it.

Secondly, back in February a friend posted a facebook link to Archival Allure, a fashion blog of sorts that features style for "information professionals." My own wardrobe contains nearly no vintage items (I have a few scarves and gloves that were my grandmother's), but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate the occasional cardigan or cameo. In my opinion, the creators of Archival Allure are incredibly classy and hip, so I've found it a fun site to peruse.

So you see, when I saw the the polyvore book look, it was one of those weird things and it inspired me. So here's my own library look, probably a little cliché with the pencil skirt and Victorian top, but at least it's not all grey (which was the complaint of the friend that linked me to Archival Allure).


  1. You'll have to help me pick out my clothes when I am a librarian!