Friday, February 12, 2010


My friend Rachel recently posted an entry including a link to a giveaway being offered by blogger Cherryblossom of The Madness of Mundanity.  Entering the giveaway includes a fun little exercise called "Always, Sometimes, Never."  So, here it is.

I always . . .

  • eat breakfast.
  • wear sunscreen.
  • spell out words and use punctuation in text messages.
I sometimes . . .
  • wear make-up.
  • complain too much.
  • drink soda.
I never . . .
  • leave home without lip balm.
  • like being without my computer.
  • eat raw onions.
And, because I'm in a silly mood, here are the answers given by my cat, Snoopy.

"I always like snuggles. Matt is my favorite snuggle buddy."

"I sometimes am a brave outside-kitty. Sometimes I go outside."

I never stop being adorable (I can't even help it).

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  1. I love the picture of Matt and Le Snoop. Both adorable. :]