Saturday, October 30, 2010


How did a whole month fly by without any posts? I have been keeping busy in other ways, some productive, some not so much. The month started with me finishing The Color Purple for Banned Books Week. You can check out my Goodreads review here. The rest of the month was dedicated to various activities including losing/recovering my camera, beer drinking, cake making, apple crisp baking, zoo visits, vaccinations, a position change at work, and reading the entire archive of my most recent addiction, Questionable Content. Here's some more stuff I that helped me pass the month:

  • New Belgium Brewing's Tour de Fat, with a bicycle parade, music, cabaret acts, beer, and plenty of silliness.
Fun with a fun-house style mirror.
  • Olive picking and curing. This was fun for me because we picked our olives at this hokey place where my mom worked when I was in middle school, and where she recently started working again. We hit some bumps in the curing process, but overall it was a lot of fun.
Ripe for the picking!

Rinsing the lye solution from the olives.
  • Making my Halloween costume. My friend is having a robot party so I am going as Vicky from the Eighties TV show Small Wonder. It's an obscure reference but I'm hoping someone recognizes it. I got the bright idea to sew the costume myself even though my only completed project to date is a set of kitschy, imprecisely sewn curtains for the kitchen. Additionally, I don't own a real sewing machine, instead, I have a $30 piece of plastic that I purchased at a drug store when I decided to teach myself to sew last summer. So yeah. it's been interesting.

Check it out, cats and kittens!

Cheap in every sense, but adorable!

  • Apple picking with Rachel Elizabeth and her family in Julian. It was my first trip to Julian and I had a really good time. Matt and I stopped at Alpine Beer Company's new pub on the way home, and had some extremely tasty beer.
At Raven Hill Orchard

Aaaaaand I actually still need to hem my dress and make my pinafore for the party tomorrow night, so that's why you're getting this post instead of something more substantial. But next month I'll try to post more frequently/for real. Hope you've had as good of a month as I did!


  1. Love the apartment sized sewing machine!

  2. What a wonderful month! I've never heard of Olive picking before (as a recreational activity). Sounds cool. :D

  3. Mary Kate: Thanks! It does have its size going for it.

    Alli: It's not really common out here either. I'm only familiar with the one place that does it. The curing process was more interesting than the picking, I think.

  4. Looks so fun =) Love the costume

  5. I had so much fun picking apples and such with you in Julian. Think you'll be up for Alpine Brewery when I can actually drink?

    PS: I have pictures for you from apple picking. I can zip them and email them to you or put them on facebook. Let me know!

    PS: The little word I originally had to type to post this comment was CHEDDAR! Even the internet is mocking my current no dairy status!

  6. Oh yeah, Alpine is fun, we should definitely take a field trip out there when you can. As for the pictures, facebook is fine by me, if there's anything I want maybe I'll ask for the full size.

    And you know, I think the internet MUST be mocking you because the captchas I have to type never seem to be actual words.